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When it comes to quality and safety standards, Sunset Welding understands that our workmanship needs to be precise and of the highest quality.

Sunset Welding has a highly skilled team that can anticipate problems, assist with planning and minimize delays or down time. We understand that it is imperative for repairs to be conducted in safe and efficient manner whilst not compromising on the level of quality.

The safety of our customers, public and employees are a primary focus and priority at Sunset Welding. To ensure that safety is always at the highest level.


Sunset Welding is dedicated to producing quality workmanship and specialty products in a field of ever changing industry. Our commitment to our customers is to provide them with experienced people who are trained in all areas of safety who will work with clients to complete projects in a timely manner and most importantly, to the customer’s satisfaction.

Sunset Welding  strongly believes in being technically proficient and providing the best service from the beginning stages to the end of each project. We are constantly adapting and staying up to date in technological advances within the welding and fabrication industry.


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